Who do you know who is thinking of buying, selling or investing?

Get to know how we treat our clients! Refer us and win!


A referral is simple: it’s you telling someone about us and then letting us know.

A referral does not have to have a deal close…it’s only a phone call, text or email of someone you know who wants to buy, sell or invest in real estate.


Here are the stages of our referrals. All referrals are separate. For instance, if you refer 3 people, it would be $300 total not just $150 for the 3rd referral.


Referral Program

1 Referral:  $50 Gift Card

2 Referrals: $100 Gift Card

3 Referrals: $150 Gift Card

4 Referrals: $175 Gift Card

5 Referrals: $ 200 Gift Card

6 Referrals: $ 225 Gift Card

7 Referrals: $ 250 Gift Card

8 Referrals: $ 275 Gift Card

9 Referrals: $ 300 Gift Card

10 Referrals: VIP Argosy Cruise!


   When you become a referral client, you also receive:

ØInvites to Client Appreciation Parties!

ØInvites to special events or even private parties.




ØNo special provisions…really.
ØEach Referral separate! (more $$ for you)
ØYou won’t be called unless you want to be contacted!
ØSellers, Buyers and Investors qualify!
ØNo obligation! 


**If you do know someone, contact us using the ‘Gen In Touch’ section to the right on this page. Your gift card and invites will be sent to you immediately. 

REMEMBER:  any information you share with us is ALWAYS protected and NEVER sold or shared with anyone.

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