We are here to guide you through the process of selling your home!

Hiring an agent does cost money and in the long run, you’ll make more money when you hire the right agent who implements the best strategy and knows how make your home shine within any market!

View the following CHECKLIST for preparing your home for sale.

Before you begin any project, make sure you keep track of your costs since any ‘pre touch up’ idem counts toward the ‘costs’ of selling.

Give us a call and we can come out to see if a project really needs to be done by getting an idea of how long you’ve lived in your home, when you want to sell and the condition of the other homes in the area that are going to be used as comparables in relation to yours.

And if you’d like to jump start and receive a snapshot value of your home, visit “MY HOME’S VALUE” or fill out the ‘Get in Touch section to the right on this page and we’ll customize a home value and contact you with the results. 

Feel free to contact us at any time for insight, advice, or research. Click SELLING to see the process of selling.

A note on Staging: Time to play dress up with your house! If it’s adding small details and décor touches that bring out the possibilities in the various spaces in your home or using the lamps, mirrors, throw rugs and pillows and patio furniture you already have, an experienced agent can assist with making your home shine at no additional cost!

And remember, any info you share with us is ALWAYS protected and NEVER sold or shared with anyone.

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